Reasons Why Zodiac Signs Can Be True

There are several reasons why Zodiac signs can be true. The reasons rely on these three things that an astronomer has made a study about it, that the data gathered have been supported scientifically, and that a lot of things about it are true.

There are skeptics that doubt the usefulness of believing in zodiac signs. However, there are also several points that are raised that contribute to the debate and support the idea that zodiac signs are, in fact, true.

An astronomer made a study about

Astronomy, which incidentally might have branched out from astrology given that astrology has been around for more than a thousand years, has an astronomer named Percy Seymour who, in 2004, published a book called “The Scientific Proof of Astrology.” In this book, Seymour wrote that “the movement of the Sun, moon and sundry planets from Jupiter to Mars, interferes with the Earth’s magnetic field. In doing so, the unborn offspring of expectant mothers around the world are exposed to different magnetic fields that toy with the development of their budding brains.”

Although several of his fellow astronomers do not support his ideas in this book, it should be noted that the fact that the planets have a magnetic, gravitational, and electromagnetic influence on the earth is an undisputed scientific fact. preethi zodiac mg 218 mixer grinder

Data gathering is approached scientifically

Although a lot of people see the belief in zodiac signs as a mere hobby, it is interesting to note that gathering of data in this field is not “supernatural.” Their analysis and interpretation as based on astronomical and mathematical principles, and a lot of study is done before one can make an expert analysis and interpretation on zodiac signs and its impact on people.

This scientific and methodical process in astrology undercuts the common belief of skeptics that it’s “just a bunch of hocus pocus” or some such opinions considering that there is nothing supernatural about this process.

A lot of things are true

Majority of people who read the charts and take a deeper study on their zodiac signs (and not just those that are read in newspapers) find an uncannily accurate description about themselves and about the events on their lives. Although this is easily disputed as “mere coincidence” by skeptics, it is important to note that a lot of people would swear by its accuracy. The frequency of its correct results, as so many people have claimed, cannot be easily shrugged off as coincidence that quickly

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